Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trashcan surprise

We had absolutely no patients tonight, not one at all, but at 5 am we have two direct admits coming in one for a c-section and one for an induction. It is nice to not have to do anything, so I studied patho so exciting. I was reading Rebirth’s story tonight I thought it was hilarious, talking about smells. I do not know what it is but when ever my stomachic is upset I get a stinky patient. Right before I had my little girl I took care of this woman in the ER, every time I went in her room I put a mask on with Vicks in my nose, in I would trod. I did fine until I had to Discharge her she wanted to ask a question and she started to talk and I could feel my lunch start to resurface. Before I could get out of her room I lost it in the trash can. So when the lady left everyone was teasing me about barfing in the trashcan.


Army Mom said...

That is a funny story, I feel bad for you. I've had a similar experience, when not feeling well getting put in the OR room with the bowel resection, GI bleed or incision and drainage of an infected wound.

Murgdan said...

Ok. Wow. I feel so relieved that the ER doesn't get the only stinky patients! It's terrible isn't it? I order some oil of wintergreen from the pharmacy and drip that into my mask...I'm sure some stinkies wonder "why is she wearing a mask?" but then again, if they let themselves get that stinky...maybe they aren't thinking that much.