Saturday, June 21, 2008

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

This is my first time to post on Show and tell I think this is a great thing I was able to look at others show and tell is was very interesting. My Dad who is in his late Fifty got married on Friday, after being divorced for the past 20 years I am really excited for him. So I wanted to share it.


bleu said...

YAY for dad. So sweet, it gives us singles hope!!!

JuliaS said...

Congratulations to your dad!

The pictures are great - thanks for sharing!

Heather J. said...

Thanks for joining Show & Tell - I know you'll enjoy it.

Congratulations to your dad! I wish him the best. :)

Joanna said...

How wonderful that he found love again. Its nice to see your parents happy, isnt it? Thank you for sharing!

Arian said...

Congratulations to your dad! What a fun day to share!

Mama said...

Thanks for the comments over on my blog, especially the one about venting re: inlaws. It's been really hard for me to bite my lip re: DH's sister but I just keep reminding myself that he KNOWS how I feel about her, even if I don't say anything, so I hope he really appreciates me "taking the high road" and keeping my mouth shut (to him, at least). I felt like using the blog helped a lot, as does talking to my friends who also have nightmarish in-laws...sometimes it actually makes me thankful my "issues" with her aren't really that serious, just annoying as heck. I do get upset thinking that I am going to have to deal with this forever, though- it's not like she's a friend that will drift out of his life, or someone who won't be around in a few years. Oh, well...hopefully I can learn to live with her.
I hope that you find a place to vent yourself because it is hard to keep it in. You can always come on over to my blog and vent :)

And congrats to your dad- what a nice story about him finding love again!!!