Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saving Money

In a day that Gas prices are outrageous, cost of living is increasing, and there seems to be no relief in sight, parents need to save money any way they can. The first way to save money right off the bat is to Breast feed. The average cost of bottle feeding an infant is $1,500 for basic formula according to kidshealth.org. There are hidden savings in breast feeding also, a mother who breast feeds is less likely to call-in to work for a sick infant. The journal of Pediatrics determined in 1999 that a bottle fed infant had $331-475 additional medical expenses in the first year.(1) The next way to save money is look on the back of the products you use the most and cost the most like diapers and formula call the eight hundred number and request coupons. I receive coupons about every two months which saves me about 20-45 dollars, this used to be a tank of gas. My last money saving tip is to shop with a list. I have a note book on the counter next to the frig if I need something it goes on the list, I have taught my husband that he needs to writ things down too, otherwise he does not get them. When we go to the store I get only what is on my list, if I think of something that I am getting low on I add it to my next list, because I usually have a second one at the house. I think this saves me about 30-50 dollars every trip to the store. I do let my little girl pick one thing out that is not on the list, she only gets one thing and if she is not good it goes back, most of the time it is a small item costing about two dollars. I am teaching her to compare prices, looking at the store brands verses the national brands although there are some products like conditioner that I do not elect the cheaper version. Breast feed, find coupons, and us a list to find out just how much money you save, let me know!!!

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