Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today is Father’s day, so to all Happy Father’s Day!!

Today makes me think of the birth of our daughter and how my husband was with our daughter. He is so gentle with her he plays with her, he reads to her, he does her hair; he even takes care of her all night when I am at work.
In the beginning he could not do much because I was breast feeding, so he would change diapers, hold her, and anything that I would ask of him. As a father he wanted to be right there with the birth, early days, and he enjoys watching her grow.
As a father the biggest help you can be to mom and baby is to limit visitors, change diapers, and support your wife in what she wants and needs. My husband was great he was there to change diapers and as time went on has become confident in his abilities as a father, so much so that he cares for our little girl at night while I work.
Happy Father’s day to all and kudos to all DADs who are willing to share the work with a mom who works out side of the home.

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