Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Mother’s Journey

I am approaching the last quarter of a BSN program, in December I should be finished!!!! This quarter I am in Death and Dying So I think that I have cried more in the past five weeks than I have since 2004. That is beside the point though we are working on a presentation for class next week the topic is Children and death, our focus is assisting parents and children thought the dying process I found this web page of pictures of a women and her son who was dying. A Mother’s Journey by Renée C. Byer. I cried I could not imagine the pain she felt watching her vibrant little boy deteriorate to a skeleton with skin. As a mother I wonder how I would muster up the strength it would take to day in and day out take care of my child. I believe that Heavenly Father would give me the strength and mental capacity to care for my child while in this crisis. After the death I would then break down, or at least I would hope that my child would see me as someone who could be their rock and the person they turned to.
I do not know Cyndie but my heart goes out to her I admire her strength in allowing Renée to capture the most trying time of any one’s life, the treatment of neuroblastoma. Cyndie had to have been courageous in caring for Derek it looked as though she did things to make him feel loved, to have fun, to give support, and comfort.
I thought this was a wonderful set of pictures, raw and emotional, but worth the time. After I watched the slide show I just wanted to hold my little girl tight, to love her and to have her feel my love, a mother’s love.

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Army Mom said...

Your description was very accurate, "raw and emotional". That mother and family were amazing, to allow such a personal painful experience to be shared with the whole world. The photography was exceptional. You never know what inner strength you have until it is tested.