Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Travel nursing

As a labor and delivery nurse I was interested to see how many open positions are out there, I really wanted to know how many travel nurse positions there were. I am not looking for a different position at this time; I have read a number of posts about new grads wanting to start out in OB. I think that every new nurse needs to start out on a medical floor; although I did not start out there I started in the ER which is where I worked before I finished school. I think that I am missing a number of skills that a floor nurse has, I would freak out if I had to take care of ten pts for 12 hours. I have no doubt that I could take care of them but I think that I would be there until 9am charting I don’t think that I would have a problem caring for the pts but I think that I would forget how to chart everything. I know that I can prioritize multi task and work efficiently but there is something to be said about floor nurses, I admire them but I don’t think that I could hack it.
I found an interesting web site http://jobs.myspace.com/ I found over thirteen pages of open OB nursing jobs. I could not believe how many open positions there were. I know that there is a nursing shortage and the new grads usually have to have one year experience to travel, but I thought that was a lot for OB. I see a lot of new grads who want to work in OB.
I would like to know more about travel nursing is there anyone who has traveled as an OB nurse?
Is there a company that you would recommend and why?
Are there particular questions that I should ask?

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Ashley said...

I am currently traveling as allied health, if you'd like to talk about it email me at ashleyjoy (at) gmail (dot) com