Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nursing school Acceptance, Increasing your chances

When I started trying to get into Nursing school I had no idea how to increase my chances in getting in, I thought that is was based just on your GPA, although it is that is not the only thing a school looks at. Most of the students entering ADN programs are nontraditional students, in my particular class there were only two students who had graduated from High school in the last couple of years. So like me some prerequisites required for admission were quite old so think about retaking Anatomy and physiology if you have a B or C it is a good refresher and your GPA will go up. If your worst subject is math think about taking a math class whatever is required for the program you want to get into, because you will have to pass a drug calculations test when you are in pharmacology, although this test was very easy to me, there were some people who failed out of nursing school because of that one test. Nursing school places demands on you and your family that may not be previously thought of, for those of you who are currently working and plan to work while going to school please understand that nursing instructors will tell you not to work while you are attending nursing school, so they go on the premise that you are not working. I was able to work the whole time I was in school although I worked on the weekends Friday and Saturday nights, toward to end of school I was able to increase my hours although my grades fell from A’s and B’s to C’s which was Ok with me because I had a good GPA. If your program requires you to take an entrance exam, we had to take the NLN exam, I bought the book to help me study it did not teach me anything new but it did help me to start thinking about school again and formulas that I might need. The last peace to the puzzle is to have all the information that they requested in On Time. If you feel that you were excluded incorrectly call to make an appointment with your advisor and discuss their criteria and ask ways to improve your chances for next time, this will bring to light your situation for them and they may see something that you did not know about as to why you were not accepted and it will give you an idea of a class to take while you are waiting for the next entrance. If you apply to more than one school and are accepted to both please call your second choice and tell them as soon as you know that you will not be attending so that your slot will be given to another person. If for some reason you have questions about getting into your school ask other students who are currently in the program. If you have general question please leave me a comment, also be aware that these are all suggestions they do not always work but increasing your chances is always worth it, especially if it does not cost you much. Good Luck!


Geriatric Nursing said...

Great Article! Sage advice. I would add figure out your financial budget before committing.

Anonymous said...

I want to go to college to be an ob nurse...when enrolling, what is it called?