Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Wearing

Ok so Motrin has apologized for this ad at

So we have all stuck our foot in our mouth and I think that is what they did. If you are a mom who has ever worn you baby in any type of sling, front pack, back pack or wrap then you know how convenient it really is. I was able to get more done when my infant was in her sling than now when she can walk around an make a mess in front of me. So this is not a plug for Motrin by any means but if you have ever had a c-section Ibuprofen is the best home pain reliever.

That a side the true meaning of my post is that Baby wearing is better for mom and baby in my opinion. When my infant was in her sling I knew where she was, she cried less than when she was in her swing. She could hear my heart beat just like when she was in the womb. I could breast feed in the middle of Publix and not many people noticed what I was doing. I say most because a former co-worker saw me and wanted to see the baby and I had to tell her that the baby was eating and so she knew but she said that she could not tell until I said something. So there are a number of slings out there and if you have back problems it is so worth the price to get one because it distributes the weight of your child across both shoulders, keeping your back in line, which is why I like Kozy Carrier. They are supper strong, comfortable to wear and after you use it a couple of times is not hard to put on.
There is a second carrier that I really like for newborns it is ring sling or tube sling, this is the type of sling that I used a lot when I was breast feeding. My little girl slept very well in this type of sling. Since I am a bigger mom it was nice that it was adjustable. I do not think that I could wear a tube sling that did not adjust. I really like Pretty Mamma slings, there are well made and comfortable for mom.
There are a number of different slings out there and if there is one that you really like please leave a comment as to why you like it so well.


le35 said...

I'm really hoping to do a sling post about the ones I like. I'm hoping to do a post about a wrap. I'm starting to be a big fan of wraps like Moby Wrap. Anyway, I love the Moby Wrap and the Kozy. :) When you have another child, let me know, and we'll experiment. Or you can help me experiment when Daniel comes. . .

Anonymous said...

I love the Ergo, because it's comfortable for wearing tiny infants and big toddlers alike. My husband prefers the Baby Bjorn for our little one because it's easier for him to put on.