Thursday, September 25, 2008

School a Necessary Evil!

Blogging has had to g by the waste side because of school. This quarter is the last for my BSN. This quarter I have all new instructors, one is a corporate DON who has bought in 100% to corporate Nursing, and as a floor nurse, our views are massively different. My total goal, focus, purpose, whatever you want to call it, are my Patients, where as her focus is saving the corporation money at all costs. Don't get me wrong I understand that hospitals need to make money to survive so that we have health care, but my view that people are more important than money. For example when caring for a patient I feel that everyone should be offered an epidural while in labor unless contraindicated for them, but some of our Doctors think that if they do not have insurance then they cannot have one. May be my view will change as this quarter progresses, or not.


battynurse said...

yikes. I so dislike the who money is the ultimate goal part of healthcare.

JuliaS said...

My first baby was born before the Women and Newborn's Act of 1996. After that, I got the 96 hours. I think is appalling that it takes a federal mandate to give patients the time they need to recuperate in the hospital. (and yet 11 years after - the hospital I delivered my last baby at decided that I only needed 2 days so they could have my bed back . . . I put my foot down and said not until I am ready and not before 96 hours)

Insurance affected WHEN my recent hysterectomy was - because we could afford it this year better thanks to meeting a deductible over the course of the year, but had to wait most of the year to get there AND determined how long I got to stay. Some bean counter says 8 of 10 beans can go home in two days after major abdominal surgery and be just dandy (or not know any better) and maybe a couple pesky beans have trouble and should have been able to stay longer . . . They play the odds all for the sake of the almighty dollar.

I snort every time I see the logo on our insurance website "Consumer Driven Healthcare" indeed!

Sorry - sore spot.

The nurses I had last week were wonderful. I would have been happy to tuck one in my bag and take her home with me! I was well taken care of while I was there at least.

le35 said...

I'm not liking your schooling much either (although I think it's great for you.) It cuts into my lunch time with you! :)

I just wanted to let you know that you have an award nomination on my blog.

nurse on call said...

It is an outrage that this kind of stuff goes on in the US. The bottle line is money not always patient care. With cut backs and less staff, the patient is not the only one that suffers. The nurse, who is the patients advocate suffers too. It will be interesting to see how they spin this kind of thing in your class.