Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, summer session is over, YEAH! I finished Death and Dying with an A even though I can't spell! I was so aggravated that she deducted 10 points from my final for spelling errors, Oops. I was so glad to finish this class, it was truly depressing I did not even want to do homework. I received an A in my eating disorders class, which was my cake class. I squeaked by with a C in my Patho class, I could have studied for a B but I had better things to do like work, sleep, parent, and blog. Any way I am out for the summer or at least until the 18 of August for my last quarter. So I used Spell check on my Post Mrs. So and so, blah blah blah!

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AtYourCervix said...

Yeah! Congrats on finishing your classes!