Saturday, July 26, 2008

Show and Tell

This weeks show and tell, I am showing a makeup bag that my dad's new wife made for me, I thought this was very thoughtful. I had to hide this from my little girl because she loves puppies.
It is really crazy I have had a step day for the last 16-18 years almost I guess, my mom's husband. He really was the "Step-Parent" where as Nancy has come into my father's life after I have moved acrossed the contry twice once to each coast. So she really is not the "Step-Mother" she lucked out in timing because I was well hmmm a really big b*&$@. It is crazy I don't like calling either of my parents spouses step mother or father, so what are they called besides my dad's wife or my mom's husband, they don't call my husband "my daughter's husband" or at least I don't think that they do. Just a weird thing for an adult to go though or at least a wierd thing that I have been thinking about. Thanks for visiting my Show and Tell post. Please visit more Show and Tell!
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battynurse said...

Yay for summer break. I always hated summer classes. That bag is cute.
I know what you mean about the step parent thing. My mom got remarried 6 years ago and I've met the guy once for about 5 minutes. Hard to call him dad.

Amazing Gracie said...

Thanks for your visit! Congrats on being another step further in your course work!