Monday, January 15, 2007

OB Nursing a Calling

Prior to 2006 when my Daughter was born I worked in the ER for four years, I learned a great deal. The emergency room offered a number of learning experiences. After my daughter was born I discovered that I was burned out, empathy for my patients was at an all time low. Patients abused the system, refusing to utilize the proper resources; non compliance of patients was my ultimate frustration. After returning to work, crying for 30 minutes on my way to work, for three days, I realized as I sat in my car wiping my eyes that it was no longer worth the emotional toll, I gave my noticed that morning. I found a “job” much closer to home, in Labor and Delivery at a very small hospital here in Georgia. I call it a “job” Because I get paid for it, but I feel that it is a calling for me because I would continue to work there if I won the lottery and did not have to work. I enjoy helping parents welcome a new life into this world; it is wonderful seeing Heavenly Fathers children enter the world. I pray that I continue to feel this thought out my career, as an OB nurse.

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