Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue Sky Scrubs

I was asked by Blue Sky Scrubs to review their site. In return I was given a $60.00 Credit for my time. Well I have not received the Scrubs yet I have just placed my order the web site was easy to use, informative, and visually pleasing. Check out was very simple and fast, as a nurse I would say they were efficient. They have basic colors of scrubs (lacking in prints) this may not be a problem for those of us who work for hospitals that require a solid color. Sizing, well Being a plus size nurse I need a 3XL scrub top, and the largest size they carry is an XL. They carry both men and women’s scrubs the men’s sizes run from M to XXL and are priced 10 dollars less than the women’s at 30 dollars.
The Item that Blue sky Originated with was their scrub hat, which if I worked in the OR I would have a number of them. Having longer hair Blue sky’s scrub hats are made to accommodate lots of hair. The pony scrub hat is very nice with over four hundred different fabrics to choose from with a cost of $24.99. Disposable hats are also available in this style starting at $4.99 for one. They have a poppy hat with almost 200 different fabrics to choose from, this style is for big hair styles. The Pixie hat is for those who have shorter hair shoulder length or less. They also carry men’s hats at a price of $20 each. Please check out scrubs , nursing scrubs , or medical scrubs from Blue Sky Scrubs. I will review my scrubs when I received them.
Image borrowed from Blue Sky Scrubs


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Frederico said...

Those bright blue scrubs would sure keep your patients awake!

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