Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Someone asked how you become an OB nurse.

Well here is the long and short of it, your first hurdle is to get into RN school. If you are a nontraditional student, a student on a budget or someone who wants to finish in a shorter amount investigate Technical colleges or two year schools, although be careful some states are attempting to require four year BSN prepared nurses. If your state does not the Tech school is a less expensive. I completed my RN degree in 18 months; this was a great blessing to me and my family. I attended a technical college in GA although I lived in FL I was close enough to receive instate tuition. After I finished school I was able to start working in the ER were I worked before nursing school. The knowledge I gained in the ER was invaluable giving me a broad range of experiences to draw from. 18 months after I finished the RN program I started a RN to BSN program. This program took 16 months to finish. The time line of the two programs allowed me to finish both degrees before I got burnt out.
Although I was able to continue to work during both programs most Generic RN students are not able to successfully complete an RN program while continuing to work even part time. I had a husband that was beyond supportive; he cooked, cleaned, and washed all the laundry. All that I did was make sure we had cold drinks in the frig.
I did not do anything special to better my résumé to work in OB. I could have taken NRP to increase my chances but that is usually offered to new employees after the hire date. While you are in nursing school you might seek employment at a hospital to gain valuable experience although it is very hard to work and go to school. If you have any questions please leave a comment.


Deena said...

I just graduated from school. I precepted in OB but the hospital I worked at is not hiring in OB. Unfortunately, due to the economy it is tougher now to get a job. I know the COO of the hospital and they are offering me Med/surg nights, boo-hoo. I loved ob so much. I need a job and this hospital as the busiest OB with the highest acuity of patients in the area. I was thinking at least I will have a job, experience and a foot in the door. What do you think???

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you'll know the answer to this or not but i was wondering... is it possible to work both as an ob nurse and a mother/baby nurse at the same time?

Kim said...

It depends on your hospital, I work in OB which is Mother baby, Labor and Delivery, and Nursery. I know of nurses who work in all areas and others who work in one depending on knowledge and comfort level.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading the post about becoming an ob nurse and have a couple questions. is it possible to go to a university instead of a college, and get your Rn and complete an Rn to Bsn program in the same amount of time that you did? Also is working while going to school a possibility or is it impossible? Thanks for answering all of my questions. lol I really appreciate it.

Kim said...


Ok You can finish nursing school in a number of different ways. First I had all of my Core classes done for both an ADN and BSN. Basically I had a Bachelors be for I started Nursing. So I was a step ahead. There are Colleges and Tech schools that offer LPN or ADN programs, (2 Years, my case 18 mo). Then there are Universities that offer a Straight BSN (4 years, my case 18 more mo.) It just depends are what fits your life best. If you are a student right out of high school find a University that you like and go for a BSN, if you have deep pockets (more expensive). Nontraditional students (Like Me, speed and Cheap) find a Tech or two year college usually half the price with more clinical hours (which is good for skills). Then find a nursing job work for a year and then get your BSN.

Now working and going to school is Possible but at a price, no family time or any time for kids, must be a fast learner. Do not plan on working more that 20-25 hours a week. If you are worried about finances there are many scholarships out there for nurses. Let me know.

Diana said...

Hi, I know this is an old post but came across it today and had a few questions. I am an Army wife and stay at home mom. We just found out that my husband may be getting medically discharged from the Army due being hurt in the line of duty. I am considering going back to school to accomplish my dream of becoming an RN, specifically L&D.

Between 1998 and 2002, I attended college gaining certificates in CNA, EMT and a few nursing pre-reqs. I am hoping that some of those credits are transferable although I know a few have expiration dates.

The question I have for you is, do you know of any online courses I could take? Is it possible to do that for the nursing pre-reqs? Is it possible to take part of the nursing school courses online? I have 4 children so that is the best option for me. Any advice is appreciated!


tt said...

I'm a junior in high school and i wanna be an ob/gyn nurse. Do you guys get to deliver babies or is that just for doctors. Also, im gonna attend a 4 year school, after i have to take a year or two to get my credits. After that then what???


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