Monday, April 30, 2007

Cup Feeding

How to cup feed a breast baby, first help infant to latch on for about 10-15 minutes. If infant latches on allow infant to breast feed, if not pump, or hand express breast milk in to a small cup. When there is sufficient breast milk available hold infant close to Mom’s bare chest to naked infant, stoke infants lips or cheek when infant opens mouth wide pour a very small amount in to the side of the infants mouth, allow infant to suck and swallow milk. Repeat Stroke lips or cheek when the infant opens mouth wide pour a small amount into the side of infants mouth allow infant to suck and swallow milk, repeat until infant no longer opens mouth wide or milk is gone. Remember to start every feeding with the breast first so that the infant realizes that is where dinner comes from eventually the infant will latch on. If the infant is very close to latching on including opening mouth wide you might pour a small amount of breast milk on the nipple and then place breast in infant’s mouth.

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